Ace Hood - 100 Foreva Lyrics

I’m sick of these niggas, I’m tired of these niggas
I do not fuck wit a lot of these niggas
Gangster hitters, I be wit gorillas
Strapped and they ready, ya want it ya get it
Please do not play wit my paper, ya finished
Patience is short but them choppers extended
My young'ns they thugging, they smokin', they fuckin'
They still out to get it but facin' a sentence
Fuck do ya phonies be talkin' about
Ya do not know what that drama’s about
Make ya a promise, I promise to ride
Streets is a struggle, I’m tryin' to survive
Look at the bitches, the money we gettin'
Champagne that we sippin' and foreigns to drive
I pull up on em and shit on yo lawn-er
On my paper say 'owner', ya know that it’s mine
I’m ready for beef just to capitalize
Rappers are petty, they pussy, vajin
Turn yo lil block to a vacated sign
They get to shootin' like red line
Tony Montana, the crib in Atlanta
Thinkin' bout coppin' the Wraith or the Phantom
Jump on the jet in my fuckin' pajamas
Shout out my niggas 100 foreva
All my little niggas are still on probation
My soul head just caught him a charge, I’m prayin' he dodge immigration
He say fuck it’s PO and he still on them papers
And he just bought him a chopper, he told me it come wit a laser

Shooters, my shooters
Yeah we down to do ya
We can make a movie
Shooters, my shooters
Yeah we down to do ya
Watch how ya maneuver

(Verse 2)
I'm gettin' tired of telling ya niggas
Don’t do the zoo, but I know sum' gorillas
Catch me a body on beats I’m a killa
Flow like a chopper that shot up a villa
Boy don’t forget me, I be wit the sinners
I am a vet and ya such a beginner
Bitch I run the summers and stunt in the winters
See 90 percent of yo shit ain’t remembered
I’m back in this bitch and aim straight at yo chest
Kick in the door till I get my respect
Heard the new music, it made me depressed
Free all my niggas that call me collect
We be the business, the lord as my witness
I’m way 2 committed, no time for them bitches
Shout out Ms. Simmons, ya know ya can get it
I’m the buildin', them shooters attendin'
Like way you acknowledge, we ready for war
Nigga was young when I jumped off the porch
Gave up the tigers and now want the Porsche
Once I got right then my mama divorced
Play wit my people, I show no remorse
Throw on my jewelry then show up to court
Crib is so big it look like a resort
Nigga we made it, I’m faded of course
Fuck all these niggas, we fuckin' they bitch
Hate when they act like they bout it, I guess they just want sum' attention
Don’t let my humbleness fool ya nigga
Call up my niggas to call up they niggas to do ya nigga


All of my niggas 100 foreva
I'll be that nigga 100 foreva
Shout out my bitch is 100 foreva
I'll be that nigga 100 foreva
Shooters, my shooters
Yeah we down to do ya
We can make a movie
I'll be that nigga 100 foreva

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