Kirko Bangz - In Her Lane Lyrics

Ft. @tydollasign

Girl keep shittin all on these hoes, all on these hoes
WonÂ’t let another nigga get too close
And can't nobody tell ya nothing
Get money is all we know
Just be yourself
She knows how to stay in her lane, Oh
Yeah she knows how to stay in her lane
Ah, ah,

She know about a couple bitches that IÂ’m fucking
But never ask no questions
IÂ’m like yeah girl, thatÂ’s how it gonna be
And she can come around me and my niggas
Even if we go bitches, she order food and rolling up the weed
Showty like to keep it real low
She sip some drinks, sheÂ’s here, she smokes
Showty keep it real G
And I donÂ’t need a lock up on my phone,
If IÂ’m talking with those bitches
DonÂ’t be on my shoulders, let a nigga be
And thatÂ’s what she doinÂ’
She wonÂ’t be on my page, looking for bitches I fallow on pages
IÂ’m like, nah, she wonÂ’t do it
And every time we fuck, she wonÂ’t never spend a night
When I fall asleep she hit the front door
And I ainÂ’t gonna lie, sometime I get lonely and I lay up a lil bit
She like, boy you better stay on your lane
Same the same shit for nothinÂ’


Ah, showty keep it real low key
She fuck it and throw some money,
She ain’t trippin’ ‘bout me
She pay on bills and do erything
And her name ainÂ’t never on the streets
Her girlfriends gone to the club every week
But she wonÂ’t never go, she gotta be next to me
And she ainÂ’t never bring up, sure she heard about me
Got damn this girl so thug
I fuck her when I got some free time
She never ask a nigga for ____(?) time
Intervention bout that pussy (_____(?)_
She wonÂ’t never take picture on me,
ItÂ’s been a year since she last and I see her on club
LetÂ’s keep it real, shit I only see her 3 times
I met her 2 or 3 and use to beat down
She said was cool, shit we only fuck three times


Thanks to Amanda for correcting these lyrics

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