Kirko Bangz - All I Wanna Do Lyrics


I hope that you don't take this wrong
But I hope to make you mine right after this song
I been on you for a while and girl, it's been too long
To keep on playin' around, girl, we both too wrong
And I don't want you to think I'm disrespectin' you
And I don't want you to think that I think less of you
But I do want you to know I'll take that stress from you
And when you're due, don't go long, I'll be yo substitute

You been on my mind for a very long time
Up late thinking about you and how your sex be
IÂ’m writing this song, just to make you moan
Let me get you alone and watch me go deep
I'm all up in you, you scratchin' on me
You bittin' my lips and curlin' yo feet, bae
Girl, don't judge me, but

All I wanna do is have sex with you
All I wanna do is have sex with you
I can't control when I'm next to you
Say, all I wanna do is have sex with you
All I wanna do oh-oh-oh
All I wanna do oh-oh-oh
Say all I wanna do oh-oh

(Verse 2)
I guarantee to kill yo stress, just come and see
And I guarantee a nigga ain't got shit on me
And I promise you, just gimme a chance and you won't leave
You can trust me, I'm bout to make you love me
And you done been around my girl, been around my girl
You don't wanna call every time she complain
You layin' with a nigga, but I'm just yo nigga
Girl, it's late, why you wanna play these games?
I can tell that you feel the same
But I hope that you won't take this wrong when I say


Sex with you (I want yo body, I need yo body, come lay yo body)
I just wanna be next to you (girl take it off, I'mma lay you down, I want you now)
Sex with you (you got me fiendin' and faded and baby yo body's ____(?))
I just wanna come next to you (yo, wassup, girl, I want it right nah)


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