Laura Marling - False Hope Lyrics

What is still ok that I don’t know how to be alone
Ouldn’t be ok if I don’t comr home tonight?

Will share and poppin on the other West side
And my worst problmes is I don’t speel at night
Women down stair just lost her mind
And I don’t care why, I don’t care why
Why no, false hope x 2

Let’s do it in the city when teh lights go up efore I can prepare
Only down towns loks dark like no ones live there


Will be alritght tomorrow
Neither of us will gonna sleep tonight
So it will come slow
I hear you banging thorw the wall
Like your dying in and nice car

It’s a silly thing that I don’t know I had to believe at all
There’s a party back down and I don’t think I just belong there


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