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Styles P - Still Bangin (Freestyle) Lyrics

Nigga, you know the routine
Bitches is sayn I'm too mean
Women are sayn I'm too clean
New sweatsuit, new kicks and new jeans
New work, new block and new fiends
Playin' Biggie and Pac
My nigga, I clock G's
I told 'em niggas that I'm used to pain
I was Dope Boy Fresh before the boosters came
We might have the same guns, but they don't shoot the same
I still bang and I used to bang
Got a pretty ass bitch that'll booth the king
I kill the mic and leave the booth on flames
Fuck you and yo ice
Fuck around and take all yo life
If my dick get harder, oughta call yo wife
Run and kill yo army, take all yo stripes
Lemme switch it, my nigga, I get wicked
Ask who's betta than me and hear crickets
Ignorant and prolific, we can kick it
Pick a spot and stick it
I ain't fuckin' with niggas that's not with it
They say I look at the gun like I'm a critic
Yeah, I luv these shits
They got me lookin' at the bands like I luv these flips
Got a bag full of shrooms, yeah I luv these trips
Calm down, stay cool, go ______(?)
Milk gun, I can drown 'em if a pool close
I can break every bone if a tool close
Yeah, type of shit I think
No ice, no chaser, type of shit I drink
100 keys, 100 guns, type of shit I link
If he blink, put his brain a sink
And we wash him, we mobbin', nigga
You starvin', any type of beef
You know that my heat squashin'
Come fuck with the meat market
It's the hardest, nigga, I need tar pits


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