BIG K.R.I.T. - B4SXSW Lyrics

Still waiting on my just do
Candy paint, got it oat blue
On the inside, looking outside
You'd be a nonbeliever, holla fuck you
Cuz they ain't playa, Billie Paine
Working 9 to 5 just to scrape some change
While I was flexin' chrome
With a yellow bone with a fat ass, no ball fazed
Deep in the pussy like a cross fader
And gin and Danny like all day
No lip gloss, my team flossin'
Gon' work 'em off till we all payed
It's called Steve-O, Juss DeNiro
Big Front and Smoke Bizzle
More tied to the sun dial
Fuck you if you don't really fuck with it
Fake lord, ain't been shit
Talkin' bout we been patnas
Matta fact, you ain't gotta spin my _____(?)
I said I'd show and I made wylin'
Done made some sense, fuck what ya heard
You nut hoggin' on cell watchin'
I kills songs till the beats gone
I hit memorial services like right after
Another chapter, another topic
Yo personality so outta pocket
A bank account like I'm too full
A bank account like you need to stop it
It's just a hobby, you ain't gettin' bread
It's just a dream if there's no cream
You'll end up starvin' and I'll end up callin'
Fo' a bitch to feed me like hakeem was played a fool
On high screen, franchised with like five friends
Dopen up and kill five fiends
You done played along for like five teams
Ya messed on the real, pump my trunk and one finger whip
Bangers cool like what it do?
A Mississippi pimp ova Texas shit
Believe that devil, maybe why a bad bitch need that devil
Fuck the world and fuck the nut in 'er
And told that bitch she can see that there
On the front of falls, gonna see that there
Been broke shit, gon' have to be that there
Hit the live with my old school
With that foreign, I need that there
That's no lie, I gotta feed the fam
I do it fo' the south, you do it fo' the gram
We ain't the same so I understand
If you fall off and neva seen again
That tough luck but that's how it be
Patrol and bang all the way to Sicily
I swift aliens, came down with fleets
Got my soul woman from ET
That sounded like a space modulator
Innovator, so they had to see
I'm like the bridges of a wall at the white house
But me, I sung with the lights out
We ain't got it booked, get my dick sucked
On a sub flow and don't bite down
Too exclusive, too vicious, I bought a freak store
Like this Amish pistol
Fine crib, wassup, doin' hella shows
Couldn't hit the gym, I was on the rolls
Didn't lift weights, eatin' masked ape bread
Pressed 'em bands, kept my pockets swollen
Tell 'er bust it open like an automo
Watchin' out fo' these jealous snakes
Cuz niggas slither when you crock their feelings
Bein' envious is a born trait
I'm like a two year old when I'm wantin' cake
Grab a handful and mush it in yo face
I'm still Crocka fizzles droppin' wheels like 9 to 5
Droppin' these blades, every day
Befo' south by south west


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