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A Skylit Drive - Within These Walls Lyrics

I know you think this is the last time
But you here always
But youÂ’ll never stop this beating heart
And feeling for this on
ItÂ’s all right here to stay
YouÂ’ll donÂ’t let me down

No I cannot take, no I cannot take this anymore
You will get everything above you
Come on you just donÂ’t get all to you
Sleep at night with one picture
You see will rapture it
YouÂ’ll never watch me fall

Moon light bright better then it never lights before
YouÂ’re already gone
Just let the lain drop this
This is the end of the road
YouÂ’re already gone
Know you know youÂ’ll do on with that light
So give me always
If there any concept around, weÂ’ll save
ItÂ’s all right here and we fall
Sometimes you let me down
Know I cannot take this


Leave all that was before
I think itÂ’s time to, to see this throw
DonÂ’t carry you, let me
DonÂ’t carry you, not anymore
I think itÂ’s time to go throw this


DonÂ’t look at me, get wide on x 3


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