ROCKO - Muscle Up Lyrics

Feat. Juelz Santana

Black, put your muscle up x 8

Blow up on and pick that off
Drop it off and pick that off
Son as you pull on, might they pull it right back up
Ain’t pulling back, pickup truck, better I’m flexing on and cashing out
All my shit is tighter in
Drop it until is seen
Make this shit look easy
Filty your vein, I’m from the A. we’re not from sellin’ B.
You see that D. run upon their cash
Wide it more then we
Got my wade up on new suckers
Put it in their fade, I’m flex on, catch up
You think you steeling? Muscle up,
I’m in New York, I wide on, we’ll piped up, we take up

Smash out in my muscle car
The strong way, old school come on with your new school (the long way)
It’s just what I do, I do my do, I work my move,
Get my work like every day
Stronger nigga in my stake
Spend the ones, fine teens, 20 stack on fifty on us just pick up on me you boss
Put your fucking muscle up


Ah, stuntin on ‘em, stuntin on ‘em
Hella banz in my pocket, frontin’ on ‘em
Yeah in magic city gettin’ silly flexing muscle on ‘em
I catch the barkin’ up the tree, I got mazzle for ‘em
Quick, quick to blow a nigga
Oh, I keep to trippin’ on
Lois Vuitton, snake skin, I got the jungle on
Fly, 3 bitches at once I get my jungle on
But I only got 2 bust for all the jungle on
Flex like I’m in the jim, doin’ sex
Flex like I’m in the yard, doin’ rap
I’m flexin’ now, I’m flexin’ later
Put my muscles up on the swisher label
Like Sylvester Stallone when I flex with the dog
But only way I’m livin’ is the way they shivin’
It’s comin’ in and I can’t wait to get it
Gotta spend it now, can’t get it with us


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