Keith Urban - Raise 'Em Up Lyrics

Feat. Eric Church

Raise them up
I’m talking about the ladder on Saturday night
The band plays its song you like
You sing along

Raise them up
I’m talking about daddy’s old pick-up truck shop
You gonna see there’s the one you love
And you’re kissing on

Get those round sales sailing down to Mexico
It’s just a risky class I you ain’t making a toast
Lift your deep eyes up to the sky
I’m coming home
You been gone too long
Tonight we gonna raise them up

Raise them up
You got a voice
You got a choice
Go make some noise
Don’t ever let them tell you that

Raise them up
This black and blue fight for the truth
That’s what you do
Hand on your heart for the stripes and the stars

Black umbrellas in the pouring rain
Sunny Monday morning coming down on amazing grace
Lift those deep eyes up to the sky
As the flag flies say goodbye tonight
We gonna raise them up

So you need someone
The only one you take him by the hand
Make a stand ,buy some land
Make some love
And then babies come
Raise them up
Raise them up

Raise them up true and high
Raise them up to the sky
Raise them up
Show everybody we gonna smile

Raise them up
All strong
Raise them up right and wrong
Raise them up so damn high
They can ear God singing along

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