Skepta - Shutdown Lyrics

When they shot down, that’s not me and I shut down
Fashion weekend and you shut down
Went to the show, see me in the front road
In the black trac, seeing me shut down
Touch the road and they shut down
Boy better know and shut down

Yeah take time and for now just try me, no time
You seams ball when I run up on stage
I pick up the mic and it it’s realo time
Don’t know you but it’s getting on time
That’s way I go kick just like your grind
After the show I’ll be rolling mine
Don’t care by no smoking sign
They try to steal my vision
This ain’t no grow, try this it’s my religion
God knows I don’t wanna go prison
Life will now just try me
Trust me, listen
Me and my G’s ain’t scared to police
We no listen to no politician
Everybody on the same mission,
And we don’t care by you izamischizem


You wanna act like a G in front on the camera
You say you Muslim, you say you’re a roaster
Say you don’t eat bug, don’t eat pussy, liar
You are just an actor
Blood, you know on your D.
And if it’s that way, I saw you here
And say man, take off all red and green
Then man I saw just only ice-cream
Seam start moving correctly
If you don’t wanna upset me, you get me
They try to show me friendly
I told you before, that shit don’t impress me
I¬ím ¬Ďbout to make you respect me
When you see the man, you silly got wimble
Roll deep in that black tool blendy
Pull it outside like one more sexy


I’m in a different clothes when I get true I’mma bring my dogs
2 by 2 man I walk in this all
Sitting in front it’s like I roll this apart
Trust me, you don’t wanna see me get dark
Upset cuz I might run away juts right now on the shit, I’ve been lose so fast
I was in Paris and I was so fast
New York, shut down in Central Park
Talk about London, your friends get
Where should I start?
Walk instead on sixty balls
And each of you rolling that K. for all
None of my lyrics are stolen
Goin’, goin’ that’s my story
Wanna know how I did it, with no label, no allies song and I told it

(Hook) x 2

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