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BIG SEAN - Me, Myself & I (Freestyle) Lyrics

Uh huh, Rob Got Beats on the beat
We Ready? Yeah
Man this like one of my favorite Beyoncé songs, man
Whaddup tho, bay? Yeah, Sean Don

Man, this 1 fo' the ones who hold me down so we foreva on the rise
Long as I got charts, it's neva me, myself & I
Straight up, champagne
Man this 1 fo' the ones who cop the album & they ain't need a receipt
All the internet plumbers, ya know lookin' fo' the leaks
Been tryna find middle ground, like yellow lines in the street
This show is just gettin' started, don't worry man take a seat
I got mom & bro around like whats betta than the family
Did a show at House of Blues that shit was betta than the Grammy's
On the phone wit my dad tryna handle whats out of hand
Reminiscin' we used to play five on five, no hand to hands (balling)
Funny man what all those times meant to us
Girls ask me why they call me big, that shit ambiguous
Rappers who was killing shit, lately I can't feel that shit
Y'all used to didn't feel my shit and now y'all like 'ya hear this shit?'
Detroit niggas, say whats up doe, where I be
Fresh as my nigga IB, what up to Don C
The most improved player, watch me turn that I to a V
On my third LP but by the time its IV
That's the fourth, don't be surprised if I'm in first wit (Holly's?)
We came a long way from havin' hands together like God Please
Do I really gotta emphasize, my mind spaced out
Yeah I call that bitch the enterprise
I hop up on the song wit (MJ, I can't?), watch me hold my own
(Bitch, I'm Sean?)
Verses standin' out like it close at 10 o'clock & it's 10 05
Oh boy, I spit that spiritual
Yeah I'm the underdog but Underdog was a superhero too
& my city goin' through hell, they need a miracle too
You're more about showin' off, I'm more about show & prove
Y'all bragging about so & so, like "Oh, he really it?
The new nigga in rap? Well, can he really spit?"
Or do he just hide behind his skits like half of these rappers do
& then y'all fucking go & praise him & his bitch like they savior of this shit
I'm like 'Awe, man, here we go'
I'm not the same man I was a year ago
I learned that life could be a merry go
Moving at a stand still is the scenario
I also learned some girls can fit the stereotype if they got a stereo
Crazy what a cold bitch'll do fo' palm trees
Type that can't hold my hand even if they palm read
Got a good girl at home, yeah, that's all me
I gave my number out on the outro I'm like "call me", real nigga
Since they cut my umbilical, I pass weed in my physical
Yeah my woman is vegan, she got my ass trying different food
I got her listenin to music that she wouldn't listen to
Got her vibin to Nas, she like "Man, This what I been missin, boo?"
I'ma do what I didn't do, all the ridicule is just fuel
I'ma take this little profit, I gotta flip it, no reciprocal
Nigga, fuck open arms, nigga open the safe
Respect in this bitch like a gun on my waist
Rapping like I got a gun in my face
I treat my life like I be running a race
Super Duper flow, up up & away
Ya at the top, well I'm on the way
I'ma come fo' yo spot then I cum in yo face
I been tryna make I gotta have it to a habit
Addicted to the mathematics, I'ma add-it addict
Beware of the niggas who abandon when yo shit was abandoned
But there fo' the mansion
Then hit after hit after hit
Somebody tell me what's the fucking battin' average
Dark Sky Paradise, ya niggas can have it
Clique raining so hard, ya can white water raft it

Man, we just fuckin' around, man
Just off the top, on the spot, just fucking around
We was in three different cities today, man
Shout out to my old team
Man, we been goin' hard as fuck
My nigga Xeno, Mike Carcen, DJ Mo Beats, waddup doe
Amir, Key Wayne, Earl Mac, Dark Sky Paradise shit man
Boogie waddup doe
Hey the album out tomorrow, man I can't believe this shit
I can't believe it
Hey, wassup doe Detroit
Man, wassup doe to my family, my friends, my fans
I do this fo' y'all
We put our hearts into this shit
My boys damn near gone
I don't know its like five in the mornin'
We ain't slept in fucking days
We do this from the heart man
& we did out our way
Boss up, it's time to get it, yeah
Counting blessings ova money
Straight up

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