Julian The Angel - I Like Your Boom Lyrics

Feat. Anabella & Rocky Rock

(Verse - Anabella)
Maybe I’mma validated yesterday
I’ve been over dose with vision in time
I’m a winner in the neighborhood
I’mma rapt off your life when you look on my body

(Bridge - Annabella)
This speech can’t we compare
This speech is over so play

(Hook - Annabella)
I got that boom-boom-boom
Show me your boom-boom-boom
I got that boom-boom-boom
Let me see your boom-boom-boom
I got that boom-boom-boom
I got that
Show me

(Verse ¬Ė Rooky Rock)
Man she lookin’ good, she look like her blood is nasty
I whisper on her ear and said her she fancy
Getin’ down celebration, popping bottles on vacation
Grow up, gonna be now
Baby I’mma sauger up and down, down, down, down

(Verse - Anabella)
I’m like a drug let me blow your mind
I’m a sixty diva when I feel defraud
I’m the winner in the universe
I’mma brake off her life when you’ll hook on my body

(Bridge + Hook Anabella)

(Verse ¬Ė Rocky Rock)
So shake your hips, now she got
Said it she can toast like, I’mma get crazy
We ain’t hurt, me and her take shots
Maybe whiskey is she kiss me out
Plug it cuz she gonna beat it bout my _____(?)
Drop it hard all this beat

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