BIG SEAN - Deserve It Lyrics


Now I’ve been fucking with these bitches like they hyper allergenic
Women all from Venus call it love platens
Some girl out of Lebrone jaize and plane my games
And switch their whole team my berry, single time they my change

No play no games with hoers I play in tendo D ass nigga
And pray I don’t see the end of my paper like PS nigga
But damn in high school you had the fattest ass
And now we out of high school and you have the fattest ass
So I was just a boy on Instagram a day or two ago
See your ass was déjà vu, shit was déjà vu I know
Reminisce on that one time we smashing and bagging and wiping
You give me the hit
I swear to God that’s the best night in my life
I can even say from that line and pretend
That’s why your tidies I know are fresh
So was a little big embarrassing yeah
But five minutes later you want my laugh
And we just kicking like we the only ones here
You telling me how you danced after school
Done it here with you
But ain’t no business right and you can’t even get a job when you come out of school
So they check the valleys, seems like out there they be hiring
The LA with all the girls that look like you all inspiring
And you seem like you might just be inspiring, she said
Man every thang ain’t for anybody

Ok, I came up, I came up
But get a little change, I change up
A little fame, get famous
A little dangerous, now it’s dangerous
Gettin’ high now, it’s the time now
Gettin’ low cuz you want be famous
Still living how I could live like right now
Still think that I deserve it
Pop it like I deserve it
Still pull up like I deserve it,
Have it like I deserve it


She drop it for me, pussy poppin’ for me,
Take it to the top, spending extra time when she ain’t got it on me
Then she turn around saying I’m so proud
Seems like everywhere I’m hearing you
Seems like yesterday you freestyle in the cafeteria
Tell me how happed, know this ain’t the place to ask
She said that shit I had was back to the blast
Well she said that shit I had blast right to the bust
Man 07LAX first time in the bad is clean
Now I see they pick me up, off to cut my bags and get ahead
Was nervous as shit then why was me and bang with they?
We riding throw the hills and swarm, swarming the shit
See in that house on the hills
Like I’m deserving the shit
Ok boy I working and yes it’s time to put it work on this shit
Though I was back before I go, hit the print,
Hit the studio and kinda know that shit was intense
Boy you got it, boy here is the profit
Seems is later but yeah we got a profit
Man I got a crib up in the same hills we use to drive it
Call a diam and see it’s the first to know about it
Almost went to TSW on the leasing, know I got it
Fuck it I guess everything ain’t got anybody


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