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BIG SEAN - Win Some, Lose Some Lyrics

Ft. Jhene Aiko

Ya win sum' & lose sum' , I heard that my whole life
I heard that my whole life, but that doesn't make it right
(Okay, ya got ahead tonight)
Man, that doesn't make it right
Man, that doesn't make it right
How do ya sleep at night?

(Verse: Big Sean)
Sean, nigga ya on, damn, nigga, ya on
Ya was a millionaire but yo niggas is still at home
Damn, nigga, ya did it, but damn it ya did it wrong
Ya got time fo' that gig, but not time fo' the phone (prrr)
Got it right wit yo ends, but fucked it up wit yo friends
I seen yo ass up on TV, touched up on them twins
Ya don't know about hard times, ya clutched up in that Benz
Get tired of fucking hoes then get to fucking their friends, wow
Niggas want handouts, & I only got two
Now I'm on the phone talking to my mom like I only got ya
Getting dressed up fo' court, that's a law suit
Ain't wearing V necks, but niggas ask what happened to the crew
Now I'm in court fo' sum' shit I didn't do
Cause of my nigga, knowing my career could've been through
So when it's time to travel management say I only need two
Listening to them when I'm the one that makes the rules
I'm just a victim of the life tho', that I ain't tryna lose
This the dream, I had a wake up call & missed snooze
Lately tho' my family been too happy
I just turned my momma hooptie to a new Caddy
People thinking I'm rich & I wish they knew that
I been signed fo' 4 years & I'm just able to do that
Worry 'bout my next Rolex time piece
My nigga Tone worry 'bout our sis, Shanice
We supposed to be the role models
No wonder why she wanna smoke weed & skip college

Is this the example I'm tryna set?
Are these the people I'mma forget?
Are these the times I'mma regret?
Living life wishing I could hit reset but, but


(Verse 2: Big Sean)
Okay, ya win sum', lose sum', break sum', bruise sum'
Life could be a test, multiple choice, choose some
Choose one, stick wit it, man, prove some
Sumetimes the best teachers is ourselves going through sumething
Real life will teach yo ass way fuckin' fast
I always thought my last girl was supposed to be my last
I got 4 aunties, two uncles, one dad
One mom, two brothas, & two hundred niggas mad
& it's only 1 me, divide it & do the math
I'm the one that dropped out, got no time fo' the class
How am I supposed to have time fo' everyone I just said?
I don't even have time fo' everythin' in my head
On my way to see Kim & Ye both tie the knot
Wishing me & ya were no strings attached, but were nots
Man thats drama, drama drama
So deep that call each othas mamas' mamas
We need a break I mean comma, comma comma
I'm trying, homie
But she always picks the wrong time, my phone's dyin' on me
In the bed crying on me, talking lying on me
It sucks to hit the internet & see yo lying on me



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