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Rick Ross - Let's Get It (Remix) Lyrics

Let's get it, nigga, let's get it
If you about this money, let's get it

I got the drugs & I got a plug, they checkin' our tickets
Bitches they stare at my pants & be like boy what’s in them britches?
Keep red bottoms on the bottom my shoe, they like how we kick it
I had a boss talk wit my crew & I told them niggas let’s get it
Let's get it, let's get it, let's get it, let's get it
I got the drugs & I got a plug, they checkin' our tickets
I had a boss talk wit my crew & I told them niggas let's get it

(Verse: Rick Ross)
O's all in my safe, gold all in my grave
Tatts all on my back, sixty cars all in my name
I see twenty million at once in the backyard of Lil Haiti
4 bodies in 6 months, this rap game won't fade me
40 mill in my dump, broke niggas won't race me
Flyin' out to meet Lush, biggest checks since Jay-Z
Pussy nigga, be patient, in that Escalade wit Stacey
60 on pump #2, gettin' brain at the gas station
4-5 when I creep, I be so high, I'm on Fleet
Copped that 5 and the 6, fuck it, winter - got cold fleet
And I'm gonna have more seizures, cuz this money won't let me sleep
Head shot with AR, and my nigga, all of that piece (bang!)


(Verse 2: Ca$h Out)
I'm in a boat, yeah, I’m in a boat, yeah, I'm in a boat
I'm cookin' up blow, I'm cookin' up blow, I'm cookin' up blow
A half of grip fo' my body befo' I come to yo show
A half of brick or betta befo' ya come to my door
Let's get it, she know I'm a D-boy, shining, cutting it, Bruce Leroy
My Forgis, my Forgis, put the baby on 'er face
Fuckin' 'er bush, this be the closed casket
Go get me a coffin, let's get it, let's get it, let’s get it
These bitches, they cook naked
Showin' their ass & titties & I know that she wit it
& befo' I said sumethin', she said let's get it


(Verse 3: Ty Dolla $ign)
All of my bitches, they know what it is, they know we gon get it
I'll probably just get the head, she ain’t got no ass & titties
Smokin' a joint while she suckin' me off, blow the smoke in 'er face
Bust a nut, then I got to go, nigga got money to make
Money be comin' and so do these bitches
These niggas wearin' fake Rollies, man I hear the shit tickin'
The OG to the kush, we got it
I flew in the air, & I fucked me a bitch that be workin' at Follies
Told 'er pull up & let’s get it, girl, I’m not yo man, I’m yo nigga
Don’t fuck around wit the fuck around, I give 'er the business


(Verse 4: Wiz Khalifa)
Leave out the club, I’m smokin' on drugs, a couple of bitches
See that new 9, 11, ya don’t own the color, that’s Wiz’s
One in my bed & one on my line, like I’m goin' fishin'
Kush in my lungs, I smoke when I want, they want me fo' Christmas
Rolling my weed, she cook & she clean, she doin' my dishes
Came ova, she pulled my dick out, then she started blowin' it kisses
Sprayed it all ova 'er face, now the bitch watchin' my children
Probably be in outer space, standin' on all of these millions
Let’s get it niggas, ass fat but her titties bigger
Bitch, ya from the nineties, I’m tryin' to put sum' dick up in yo life
Girl let’s get it! Hoe

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