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Red - Take Me Over Lyrics

Traces of your voice, I know it, I know it so well
Wakening the soul, I can feel you, I can feel you with me
Can I go again? Oh, you're reckless, you're reckless
I cannot defend, this untamed heart is waiting

I am standing on the edge
Take me over, take me over
See how fast this life can change
Take me further, lead me further
Take me over, take me over

(Verse 2)
Drive my life ahead, oh, I don't know, I don't know where
But starting on my way, will you meet me, will you meet me there?
Echoes in the night, like a melody, it's haunting me
But then I'll meet your eyes, with the fire out _________(?)


Do you believe that life can change?
Take me over, take me over



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