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Red - What You Keep Alive Lyrics

You should be afraid of me
Pain is a promise I will keep
I am the whispering dark
I am the stream where you fall

What you keep Alive
Daunting brink of lighting comes _____(?)
You will take me out
You need me inside

(Verse 2)
He picks me up
You watch me shine like the razor in your hands
And when I come under your skin
You want it all again
I am the call in the night
I am the truth behind your lie
And now you feel the pain inside

You keep me alive
(So I can hurt you)
Killing me inside!
Turning, the knife is turning now

I can paint this red song out my own hands
Does any hope remain? My love, my enemy
I can feel you in my veins (and now it's changed)
And now I'm letting go (the shivering rain)
(Now you can't escape, I am the dark and I am the light!)
Waking the murmuring is over
I'll fight the darkness through love

I keep you alive
I live to die
Now you can escape
You will feel the pain


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