Usher - Paradise Lyrics

I want to, I want to, we're gonna take 'em on a journey tonight
Usher, baby, Cassidy

If ya need a ride, I can tell you're tryna find yo way
But ya can't hide yo desire to run off and away, now
Take my hand, you're in good care!
Don't chya worry, it's where ya want to be
Together, you and me, I hope you're listenin'
It's where the rhythm brings ya to ecstasy, let's go!

I could show ya Paradise, follow me (to Paradise)
You've got open up enough to receive (this Paradise)
Let the music get you lifted (to Paradise)
You've got open up enough to believe (that's Paradise)

(Verse 2)
No invite, no tickets fo' sophisticates & rebels (no no)
(When the sun stays up & the stars stay in the light)
No need to try, all ya got to do is close yo eyes, baby
(Close yo eyes, pretty girl) See yo mind everywhere ya go!
Just take my hand, we're almost there
Once we arrive, you'll never wanna leave
You keep like a feeling(?!), just let it be
This never ending fantasy! Let's go!

(Chorus x2)

Come togetha, foreva, turn up from night to day!
(Turn up, turn up!) Hit it up in the place, let's turn it up
Let's celebrate! (We've gonna celebrate tonight)
Everybody get down, here in paradise!

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