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Kirko Bangz - I Don't Fuck With You (Freestyle) Lyrics

Hello, just answer the phone, baby
Just answer the phone
Just talk to me
I tried to sign that, but they quit again(?!)
Come on, man, know how hard it's out here rappin' and shit?
Damn, it's hard fo' me, like, so many bitches
If I'mma keep this shit together, I promise you, I promise

I met this bitch, she had me trippin' cuz her pussy was good
I reeled the bitch from California, had her all in the hood
My niggas told me I was trippin', wasn't givin' a fuck
She pulled my dick out on the freeway, I was gettin' it sucked
She used to tell me, boy, you're my nigga, my nigga
Now she fuck around with otha nigga, anotha nigga
Now I gotta go to Texas on and get a record on
I pull a pistol on 'er and test it on 'er, leave a message on 'er
Said 'you stupid bitch, I left yo nigga on the couch'
'I left some dinner in the fridge and that's my pistol in his mouth'
'Don't ya eva come to that side, I'll prolly run up all in yo mouth'
'Pop out yo feel ass from the side, pop all that silly ass in that mouth'
Hol' up! Don't get crazy on 'em, man, keep it playa, homie
Why yo ass trippin'? She ain't mad or had a baby on you
Oh, she mad? And she had a baby on him?
I got my gat right now, it's bout to get crazy, homie
Playa from the East, and can't a bitch break me
I'mma pull up on her friend and make her take this meat
Make her fall in luv with me then move on yo street
And I'mma fuck her real loud while you tryin' to sleep
I'mma pull up in Bugatti at the damn track meat(?!)
You thinkin' supportin' yo cousin while I'm tryin' on ______(?)
You tryna come and see yo brother at his job next week
Well, I just got high right across the street
Bitch! I don't fuck with you, I should spraypaint yo car
Bitch! I don't fuck with you, I'm waitin' on yo car
Bitch! I don't fuck with you, but I still talk to yo mom
Bitch, I don't fuck with you, but I still sniff yo bras
Bet ya laugh at the crib, hoe, I fucked up
Girl, I know y'all was a real hoe, I said I luv ya
I luv ya on the real, tho, and when I fucked you
I was thinkin' of otha girls, hoe
I don't fuck with you no more', mo', mo'-mo'-mo', no more
I got big faces, diamonds, chains and whores
Bitch, I'm too famous, life get, life get boring
When you got one bitch, so I gotta get more
I got Keisha, Ashley, Em and Lauryn
I got Rachel, Teresa, Chaneesha, Torel
Bitch, I'm bout to drop an airport and go on tours
Bitch, I don't need you and yo weak pussy no more!

I'm just bullshittin', man, this shit ain't bout nobody, man
This rappin', man, tryna fuck with you, bruh
They got you ______(?), nah what I'm talkin' bout?
Aye, fuck with you nigga


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