Roscoe Dash - Facts Lyrics

A lot of people gonna be mad right now
But sorry I’m not sorry, my game made that dope
And I’m the one how set this tired
I know some niggas how bluff and change that and get started
And I ain¬ít need to say fuck ¬Ďem
I bet they feeling retarded
Its funny how things turning in things that we can’t stand
Funny I’ll be returning and know with who you can play
And got none with, they all will the money with
They also predictable and we ain’t with that money shit
That’s why no one stay with me, and get pay now with me
Niggas hard to be compare and all these days hard set me
None of these niggas talking, want a cage round on me
Ain’t got it hard but you can play down, tell me
I’ve been there and I got just show me witch one the hottest
I got toel to toel with ¬Ďem til I will spend the _____(?)
How else does hang with all your splice and ______(?)
I turned ¬Ďem up and fall and now I¬ím mad, make up and get all
My notches got extra cheese now, my label on speed dial
They never need the sco as much as them folks need now
Flow been out of this world so fuck your league clown
Know it's not a game but guess who’s just took the lead now
But will lay the nigga was lame on the fold, get with the team now
TF to the death of me nigga
I can teach ¬Ďem math class with these desperate figures
Fit money in my seif it’s like touches
I am living up to the high sit, I might be
The ______(?) niggas will might be
Jackson and Louis, Tyson and Lion
That’s a mean, me on the truck that’s a meaning
Man I try to tell ¬Ďem
Well they say my dreams, they big enough
Only think they flow ain’t see enough
Well they say my dreams, ain’t big enough
Only thing they see is how we fall,

Ok I woke up, feeling so fantastic
Time to run that town, go been antic
Fired up, eyes as fuck, flowing over traffic
Floating with your lady hope you floating under average
Ok if this my five fingers to death
What is the same five fingers make a ring at your neck
I see some niggas drop me sow ¬Ďtil they even respect
And they gonna die try to get it up, down in the check

It flows that, low that on the check
It flow down, low back on the law jack
With stars so impressive and mind so uncontested
Here will look same kick, freestyle
At the record, out selling season selling, I got on the dresser
You get the message, I’m flexing and get no flex on
Use the tags see your lady and no take zone
She like I don’t fuck with you, hit don’t get boy on
That’s a real definition of a non-sex zone
You selling bitch swear you have it
But you just can’t sell a banz
Swear this niggas try so hard to be great
I’m already this
And I’m still getting pay at my first average
So when they ask where I’ve been dog that’s irrelevant

Cuz they all say my dreams ain’t big enough
The only thing they force to see is us
Well they say my dreams ain’t big enough
Only thing they force to see is us

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