Yo Gotti - Concealed Lyrics

They cop and rated with the state, the case conceal
Remember we go see 05, shit reveal
Jug and run off on the plug then he got me kill
But there’s my brothers so fuck, you know what it is
Hundred choppers in the spot, look like halla banz
Hundred nigga ready to kill you know what I’m saying
They try to shot the hood down, we ain’t going dog
I’ve been in prison, stress and late so I’m blowing dog
Nigga hurting in the hood, try to get a hope
Bitches try to throw me pussy, I tell ‘em no
I’m a million dollar need, it’s no exciting nigga
Bitch if I go to jail today would you ride a nigga?

Kick it ain’t conceal
I’m try to tell ‘em howdy
Like Migos ride with Eminem
Bitches drop me, niggas hate me, you know what it is

No get no money to no hoer
Won’t put money on your book
I’m throw epic, I’m bout money
I don’t give a fuck about new look
I don’t give a fuck about no bitches and their feelings
Fuck about no nigga til I win cuz I’m winning
Give a fuck about no penitence, no consequences
Pusssy niggas I’m diving in here
Don’t fuck no gasper, no room, no response
All it is listen will get back and afford
You associate with the gangster that you want
Fuck about no bodies or no murders or no bones
Give a fuck bout no scruple bitch even thou I throw once

Kick the gangster ill, they tell ‘em how it is
Try to tell ‘em hoer
Like Migos ride with Eminem
Bitches drop me, niggas hate me, you know what it is

Free C murder I ride P so on the slam nigga
If you got ‘em all in jail go and see ‘em nigga
Money, orders and the pich
Let me fuck ‘em with ‘em
It’s only right you hold it down, you were tugging with ‘em
Whenever you see me you see the same face
My nigga go to jail we got the same case
Read between the line, bitch I run for
I’m a robber in security bitch I fight for it
My nigga do it big, I hold it down for ‘em
Admit the hole hundred, I might die for
Don’t do no talk, screw it up the muscle
Keep a lot of shit conceal to the other hustle

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