Yo Gotti - Real Rap Lyrics

Feat. Jadakiss

Damn life is against to us
Finely got a plug, lot of fans to get roaf
Damn, since I’ve been running with the Marv
I drive back, homicide and shut them niggas car
What the point of being in street nigga, killing with the star
Fall the nigga that you really love lot behind the bars
I will hustle any day, put the moves in the doc
Nigga they ain¬ít got a clue ¬Ďbout me that¬ís what he got
They say I’m real and then they say I’m humble
Get money of the hood where I’m most comfortable
Play with me and I¬ímma go bugs ¬Ďem
Then share a video of the youngers
Real nigga whatssup

You know my pops are from nymphs
I use to guard every sum as a kid
You know what I mean
Round and round listen to the old jaize and shits

Only thing I ask is pull to be, to get the beat again
Came back strong, age being pedicel
They wanted to smoke dust so I bought the leaders in
See you with the cross road, that’s if we ever met again
School never let out
Lot of shit you never know
Sitting on the mother low, this niggas is telling no
Fall back, I can’t be around, y’all haters
Praying for my down fall, down fall prayers
Then you wander why I’ll be around ball players
Cuz these niggas is doing the fats small favors
Yeah I survive in the trances
I resave with the strenfise, salute and North Menfins

The block, going these blocks
Ten pound of main weed in my main spot
I had to break in the half in the FA
Got on the celt belt watching the
You see a blow blocking on, you gotta be told
Thirty five in a drip in a kilo
I’m getting money with the hit, shut and beat more
Get the haters on my eyes so I can see more
Clearly, it’s clear niggas not the one they say to you
It’s clearly they not bout that life they say they live
I ain’t a trap, rap a nigga, that’s been real life
I just beat the case, so afraid to tend the life
I’m op top , if I die tonight
Fine after rap shit and run after wife
Me and kids just some epic shit
Until you fuck nigga did some to respect the shit

They halla when see the G, when they see the G-s
Cuz they see them pounds and they see them keys
And they see this ice and they see these veins
But the shooters squeeze on, SITA
I use to dream and just have one key and one wife
Now I got the hole thriller, you can see ¬Ďem tonight
If you try something funny I got two glasses for you
My man bout to come home, I got to shut box for him
Young, he told me he thugging, I chock two glass for him
Then I gave him some work and got the new black form
Then they hate when you get you, so they say that you fronting
Fuck niggas, no slow up, cuz nobody know nothin’
Few things that I love
That’s my weapon and plug
On the grave, your shit stay, thief sweafting the plug
Me will got some hood shit
Amigo just hit me, he said he got some new shit

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