Giftz - Full Effect Lyrics

Life is real as it gets
The whole city tellin' you you great
But you still ain't eat a meal off a check
Payn bills bringin' stress cuz you know when you was damn near rich
Since you traded coke and pills for success
How it feel, nigga?
Watch errbody round you gettin' money
And you're hopin' you ain't gotta take it from em
How it feel, nigga?
When yo momma says she needs a ball nine
And you only got five on the grind, ain't the work
Suicidal thoughts on the verge
Where the downin' base for money on the curve
If you tweet, you get serve
Cuz I know how the streets will do a nigga
But you'd rather see my momma cry for hers
I done heard a nigga say that he did some shit for me
But the nigga ain't did it for free
I done climbed my way out the hole
Back down with the blows, all the squad gettin' money with me
Cuz niggas is all all foo
Everybody gettin' fake daps
Everybody got a knife for your back
Everybody got a strap
So while you're out here plottin' on mine
I'm comin' round the corner with a mac
I done been to hell and back and did it all again
Shootin' pistols at a nigga that I call my friend
250 grams of dope, I may just called it in
AD&G, that's 20.000 on em thousand Tims(?)
My fingers hurt from steady countin' ? from all of the work
They say it'd take three, I gave it four, let's make it work
Soon as I made it home I felt my pockets bout to burst
Hopped right back in that Caddy, put some money in the purse
That's my momma!
I ain't duck and drama, you know where I'm at
Coolin' ova east with niggas wylin' for a check
My young'ns killin' young'ns, we don't do the disrespect
Nigga play, I bet that K will fold yo hands ova yo chest
Play the rest all to the last
Boy, I been hustlin' since nine, I'm packed now
I'm gettin' fat off of the grind
Some dead folks and Benjamin faces, rubber tie
Bout to cop a Porsche, cuz ridin' a Porsche is a sign of success
Slidin' with a dime for a neck
A man dyin' cuz he find me a threat
Same hoes that you lyin' got me eyein' at my ex
I be bussin' with the gat like I'm hittin' next
Next up is a tatter up tryna duck
This nigga's Hoffa tryna get his title up
It doesn't matter, never will
Can't name a nigga that's this ill
I gotta be the best, on the real
I gotta be best...

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