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DJ JS-1 - Whatever It Takes Lyrics

I grow up on of a picker on sail day
Little dude have big dreams and see it
But since I wasn’t try to see jil
Focus on my music try to be the next C L
Smooth floes til hustle on the side dog
Kept a bag tag full of weed wherever I go
It was all about survival
Game change as the same colors as my rider
And my city so trouble, everybody bang,
Biggest game is the five all
And they perpetuate the psycho
Trapper in this cage and they label as the psycho
I’m all obsess with the success
But still success cuz I’m not dress with that dress
My whole city here on rest
Homicide drive and bust a beautiful sunset
Bang game everywhere I’ll be
Living life until they EP
Saw base, saw chicks but never get the beat
Yung nigga and peddy scream the same labby
Drop a few brake chromes on the label
Look how I spot here ?
I give a fuck what a hater think
Serve a nigga radium with his plate of beef
Sandbox when I play the streets
Dwayne way when I wave the heat
Like my nigga new high, with an angry ?
I am relate all the money, you are the one how sleep
You are sleeping
Good night my nigga from Fc to the Hollywood life I’m living
Is far the flow, fast don’t know where to spot
You rolling or not?

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