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Cassidy - Hot Nigga (Freestyle) Lyrics

Mr. Chicken
I saw niggas on Twitter and on 'gram tellin' me to jump on this shit
I wasn't gon' do it cuz everybody and they mom got on this joint
But since so many niggas askin' me, fuck it, I'll body it
It ain't bout nothin', you already know how I get it in
Mayhem music!

My trigger finger got the chicken pocks, nigga
It be itchin', now I'm fixin', not a shot, nigga
I'm a shooter, like Medusa, I done rocked niggas
Stay with the ratchet like them 'Love & Hip Hop' niggas
I throw a round, you goin' down, Young Jock, nigga
I know you clowns goin' down on them thots, nigga
Off top, nigga, I'm the type to pop nigga
And everybody knows, like snot, nigga
Runnin' through these chicks as she pass out
She suckin' dick, the otha chick eat her ass out
I swear to y'all, all I spit is crack out
So this studio remind me of the trap house
I got suspended in the fifth grade
My teacher look inside my desk and found a switch blade
Dad taught me how to shoot cans and slang kane
I'm on the road to riches, stayin' in the same lane
I don't care bout these rappers puttin' blogs out
I'm at this broad's house, bout to stretch her jaws out
The neighbors prolly call the cops the way it(?) brush out
And when I'm bout to cum, she gon' suck it all out
It's all been, gotta show my dawgs out
Cuz, see, I grip the gun and stick the gun in yo mouth
Listen, I ball out, piss a knocker all out
Free Murder, tho, with I could break my dawg out
We gon' pull up in em Benz with no tops on em
With em 22.s gotta throw some socks on em
I send a lil thot to get the drop on em
She had em thinkin' they gon' pop on her, then she pop on em
Real goons, that's what we are
Send you to the morgue or to the ER
You don't need a telescope to see stars
I just bought a crib and like three cars
Bitch, if it's a pro'lem, I'mma spray y'all
Shots poppin' out the AR
If it's trauma, I'mma put a shell in they skull
Talk fowl, I'm shootin' shots but I don't play ball
I got gats if my team need em, yo
So dead, I'll do you Greezy, yo
They shoot a nigga, they can keep em tho
I bought 20 new ones, a week ago
Fuck with us, we get the sqeezin', hoe
Glass slugs, have blood leakin', hoe
Errbody get the bullet hole
Use rubber gloves when the bullet's low
Bullets flyin' out like the drum on em
Pull a gun taller than my son on em
Niggas got me on my old shit
Get every hollow in the whole clip (bitch)
I'm in the booth on the Smurda dance right now on you niggas
I'm feelin' myself
I been felt like I was betta than all y'all niggas
But I'm just havin' some fun right now on yo dickheads
Hahahaha, the happy I get, the madder y'all niggas get
So I know y'all niggas angry right now
But ain't nun' y'all can do, y'all not fuckin' with me
Y'all just gotta (put yo hands) put yo hands on yo chest
Frown yo face up and be mad
That's all y'all can do
Y'all can't do shit else
Hahaha, I'm a hot nigga, fuck outta here!

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