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Rick Ross - Everything A Dope Boy Ever Wanted Lyrics

Ft. Stalley

(Verse: Rick Ross)
I got everything a dope boy ever wanted
I smoke on that gas, I come from California
Bumpin' that new Stalley, top dolla, I'm on it
Forbes, cash king with nigga persona(?)
Smokin' with my niggas, my shawty a roller
Back again, Tommy really a Tommy Mottola
Niggas losin' touch but they tweet more
I only finna rush when we eatin' more
Hustle harder for my seeds(?) to see more
Swear to the Lord ? why did I have with three floors?
Roll a blunt with the ladies, playmates of the month
We out the country, Dallas, South Side, what they want
We the money team, Mayweather and Ricky now
No more chicken, it's time to put some raw pimpin' down
We the HEAVIEST even if it was featherweight (bang)
If you phone me, use DGK or telemate
Cribs in Atlanta, out in Vegas too
High in Ohio with Stalley, Manzelli, kept it true
Before I know the play, get yo checks, nigga
Busy gettin' my cake, worried bout the next nigga

October 87', Ohio, I mean Stalley
It's a long way, my nigga
Dreams come true

(Verse 2: Stalley)
I got everything a dope boy ever wanted
87' mami, with the rallies on it
Riddin', iPhone 6 fully charged
Axe plug connected, bookin' ? expressly boulevard
Couple hard niggas with me playn bodyguards
So if you reach, get yo body scarred, 12 gauge, shotty squad
95% of these niggas ain't really down to squabble
The other 5% pray to God, oh Lord
The game's comical, all I can do is laugh now
And all that beefin' goin' turn me to a cash count
I feel that money broad daylight, I put that mask down
Rosé got me off basement, for him I lay that ass down
And I aint hollerin', just smooth talk over Beat Billi
It's double M to the grave, free Meek Milly!
Dreams Worth More Than Money, The Album Bout Nothin
BCG this our year, tell em stop fronting!
In the hood, billionaire, got whateva on it
This the crown in Ohio, I sit on that throne
And welcome back Lebron, but Stalley been home!

Yeah, BCG, MNG
Y'all niggas act like I ain't be rappin'
Like I ain't one of the nicest out here
Like I ain't got Ohio and the midwest on my back
Y'all betta pay attention, October 27
My debut album, Ohio
And it's gon' be a problem
And that's all I'mma say
Rosé waddup, you unleashed a monster!

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