Cam'Ron - Snapped Lyrics

I told the girl it's over, no need to sob, baby
What she do? Put lipstick all on my garage, baby
Fuck, two flat tires, fuck my windshield cracked
Car spray-painted, fucked up, real rap
She do surgery to the V, open heart
Gotta be careful with it, a girl's broken heart
She pulled up with her friends like we shaking, nigga
Them whores hopped out like Halloween and egged a nigga
You know that made me mad, popped the trunk, the key I grabbed
Aimed at where her makeup bad, they thought about it
Wait a minute, this is same bitch that snitched up on her baby dad
He missed his son’s youth, that shit is uncouth
Catch 22, love, hate, thin line
The fatal attraction obsess, thin line
Duck-duck, goose-goose, I keep the duce-duce
I watched Snapped on Sundays, these bitches screws loose
Two chain

Check the Audemar, put the car in park
Clovers, diamonds, ace and spades, party hard
We started off friends, now played bros and sisters
But I guess it’s incest cuz now I'm fucking with you
Go Smith, so call and you can fast Smith
Fuck your friends, fucked up your love
Now you a love sick
Give me that again that cat, I play Garfield
Fly in highest fields
Someone caught our wills
Flip out like a long chair
Took her to the physiology, baby you belong there
Start it off, cute with long hair
Then she cut it all off and tell me that she want a bear

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