YOG$ - Not Even 21 Lyrics

Yog money
Easy money

Long day of work, how could she blame me?
My whole team want the same thing
All the prolems, that fame bring
My ol' life quickly fadin'
I went to Cali almost stayed there
Cuz life is not the same there
Sometimes I feel bad when I ain't there
My family missed me so they came there
I'm gettin' up because I earned that
Don't trust these hoes, I had to learn that
You had the bridge but then you burned that (burned it)
You took their wave you must return that
Moving round town in a Suburban (skeet skeet)
Don't call my phone up when I'm workin
Stick to the plan, man, that's fo' certain
We in Hollywood and we swervin

(Hook x2)
Guess I'm just dancin' in the rain
Guess we're just dancin' in the sun
Yeah, we're just livin' in the moment
And we're not even 21

Hahahhaa, so she just come outta nowhere
She just mean, I mean
Hahahaha, I shouldn't keep that shit it's on
You betta keep that ass on

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