Cam'Ron - Dumb Bitch Lyrics

I hate this dumb bitch
She thinks she’s all that
Your crazy
When I’m on tour you tell me all your crap
She says : you need your slap
What is this? The 5th grade?

She calls Brandy up
She calls Timmy up
Tim called Tiffany
Tiffany can’t stand her sway
Tiffany called Erika, Tania and Janice
Janice called Mica
I’ve seen her
I beat her like a slave from Africa
Blood on the mass scale
I had to stop her
They were gonna casquete her
I don’t care
Call your boyfriend and your brother up
Cause we can knuckle up
But believe me,I’m buckled up

I had to let my shit sink her up
They don’t care who you are
Your reputation they think it’s true

And these bullets, you can drink a few
No matter if you’re senator,principle
No school ,conventional
Criminal, general
It’s vital to give rules
All identical with me
Don’t spend a mill
Make five and get a kill
Nigga wanna be?
Let me know
I’m on tails

I’m so real , don’t cut off my hood
With a four forced to the airport
I let it fly


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