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Plies - Hot Nigga Freestyle Lyrics

Now only motherfucker nigga is behind two time
They throw a thousand for the cube but I ainÂ’t talking bout
I fade all these niggas, I spend some blue
Run up for me fake beaf will be ll the time
A motherfucker brother hear a nigga so am I
A lot of you nigga gonna get kill play on both side
I know my butch phone and she gotta memory that
You know the fuck nigg, you gotta be on that
You have beef and made up, you a pussy
Why you still here, you nigga it cause some certain facts
I put the banz on me nigga, I mean five five
Fuck me lil nigga I am Â…
Only pussy play gangsters then apologize
You never saw no fucking records, you get no replay
That mean Â…I play fuck with nigga style
You may nigga get locked up but you nigga you ainÂ’t right
You rap six six hit, you on the floor nigga
So more paper you donÂ’t wanna go dope nigga
I never agrue with a nigga bout a whore nigga
I start to think that you lil nigga kinda of slow nigga
I better not be here cuz all the niggas say they run floor
All the nigga from floor say a lot of floor
Anybody argue that now nigga show me
DonÂ’t mind to that nigga flow, now go see
You nigga remix the true nigga I talk that
Throw million dollar crib nigga I can show you that
The niggas acting like they got it til they go to jail
They have the mama climbing that they need some help
They told me to toast, IÂ’m the closer til they see the path
Shut up and fuck nigga you came here with your album Â…
A lot of niggas call you crazy Â…
You better snap out of that Â…and get you Â…
You crack all that for that kid to gte the scholar ship
I pray for my nigga I caught up I hisÂ…
They see my nigga ball, all that I call reciving
And what it whole that, and so I call my nightmare
Of a nigga rhyming, I might get all Â…
Why you put all that in soul and put you rhyming
IÂ’m hanging at the verse swipping at the Â…
Can find a nigga in the game how did what I did
They stuck the way of your shoulder and Â…
And all you niggas griming crack they the only nigga
I wonÂ’t afford if I canÂ’t spring on this nigga
The only nigga how take the guse is now landing nigga
I low and Â….so much that I might crack the shit
I wanna get this nigga order, I wanna leave the Â…
And found a pussy nigga that kills it right now
And now the haters onme cu zi donÂ’t know
And why it seems like the real nigga get the most of time
The one that toast you, the one how wanna see you shine
I donÂ’t give a fuck by being in your top five
Cuz in the penitenciar they call you same nigga Â…
Sometime I think that how I made is on Â…
Cuz I ainÂ’t try to get the nigga in the Â…
And now I am motherfucker thank for what I go
Shut on the go for the end, fuck the whore
Wake up this morning tell myself fuck the pussyÂ’s nigga

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