Kanye West - All Day Lyrics

All day nigga, hallo these niggas ball
All day nigga, how much time do you spend at the mall?
All day nigga, how many copes do you get on top?
All day nigga, twist, twist wrong for kick you a coel
All day nigga take it to gte this pow
All day nigga, tell your homie how long you’ve been high
All day nigga, you already know you are stay for the chop
All day nigga, stop stop set
All day nigga this ain’t nigga
Shopping for the winter and it's just may nigga
Ball so hard man this shit gram nigga
You ain't getting money that a great, great figure
We’re at the top with the …nigga
Sitting inside with the …got the middle finger long …ah
All day nigga they in the buildin' like a hallway nigga
Bigest the game like an arcade nigga
I jumped in the wimped …nigga
Still we don’t have the money of a small face and …
Might sit on that box with that get all day nigga
We ain’t finish yet well you get all day nigga
…you a bit swallow nigga
Ride round this is in the shower you nigga
Ride round it’s seven and the ….ya nigga
You suppose to be around here nigga
How could you do this and shit the ….you nigga
You’re bitch got a…nigga wanna balling with the …
All day nigga
Hands on this empty bar,
Hang on and no, no spin at the mall
Alld ay nigga
Hello we go take all
All day nigga
Take your T and get high, high on the ground
All day nigga
Bust all for the row and get all for the ride
All day nigga
Bad bitch in the ground and get now a side
And you already know it’s a limp for a shine
Side, side, side, side
All day nigga, all day nigga
I’mma now no brake and don’ play nigga
Wrong for that but you don’t play nigga
Hells on the way nigga
It’s all for the sinning and get it all on the way nigga
Like calling, nigga more dope and hear the sound when they call nigga

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