Quest - Automatic Lyrics

Look, don't compare me to these new niggas
Please, don't compare me to these new niggas!
I am not him nor he
I will J. Voorhees these clowns till I'm thru with ya
A story of a youngin from the bottom
Neva had shit, a brother struggled for a dollar
Back when I was 7 thought that I would be a scholar
Maybe school will be a way to get away from all the drama
Had to be a rapper, barely finished school, I just wasn't in the mood, no matter
Mama like fuck it, fussing over money, pay the bill or get your lazy ass out, no frontin'
You ain't say nuttin', I just started packing
I was out the door before she could of stopped to said sumthin'
Man I was rugged but when you're 17
And your father ain't around you just can't control nothin'
I was tryna be a man, competition winning, fatal ending
How the hell I went and blew anotha grand?!
Fuckin' Uncle Sam, 6 months later, begging to my mamma let me come back for the fam
Man, I done seen it all, humble ass mumble in the jungle
Signed a record deal and still got a job
Nigga, I be working hard, harder than a Mexican
Motherfuck all the rest of them haters
I want it all, I'mma get it better (Move nigga!)
Cummin' on this instrumental wilding feelin' on a hunna thousand
Why you gotta be (rude, nigga!)
I'm trynna make a statement from the jump, so Judas Priest with it
I be breaking every (rule, nigga!)
Curse words let them roll
Motherfucker, shit, goddamn, asshole that's (crule nigga!)
I say it so the ignorant can hear me
Do I got ya attention? Well lemme rock it
Growing up never really had too many options
You can sit around or commence to be a problem
Living in the city where the women stay pretty but the love is never shown, I had to leave to get it poppin'
So much pain I sat on dog, take a look at all these battle scars!
Still they wanna front like 'I ain't raw'
All I do is spit caine, now if that ain't odd
Let's get even!

(Hook x2)
But I always knew that I had it
Never knew how I'd get it
But always knew that I had it
Mane, I just gotta get at it
All I need is some patience
Homie, nothing's automatic

(Verse 2: QuESt)
Huh, homie you the greatest!
You just gotta say it like you mean it, you're the greatest!
Muthafuck a hater, muthafuck opinions
If this shit ain't about a dollar I just tell 'em 'I see ya later'
Bounce bounce, come on bounce, cussin' like a sailor could give a less than an ounce
Blowin' off steam, do it for the team
Motivatin' niggas, we just do it for the dream
Amanda told me to chill out, you care too much
It's getting to the point where I don't care enough
My whole fam's on edge living dollar to dollar
The fuck is the problem?
If you got an issue, just holla
I got real shit runnin' through my mind these days
It's looking like I ain't got time to pray
Daddy's sick off drugs, can't hold up
Avoiding every phone call, who knows what
Could happen to him and it fucks with me
After all of the shit he did, it stuck with me
Truthfully, I just wanna give him a buck fifty
For all the disappointment for sayin' to trust in me
But anyways, shit is gettin' so outrageous
I'm just trying to make it feeling so outdated
Living off of mama's, yea I know I hate it
Looking to the brighter side to appreciate it
But it's so degrading, so degrading
Pardon my honesty, don't mean to be so blatant
I'm only trying to get you all to be my favorite
While these other niggas chilling out on hiatus
I used to tell the world one day I'll make it
Even when they told me I was sadly mistaken
Got a little confused, almost doubted myself
But I'mma prove these niggas wrong, watch me take it

(Hook x2)
But I always knew that I had it
Never knew how I'd get it
But always knew that I had it
Mane, I just gotta get at it
All I need is some patience
Homie, nothing's automatic

What kind of a man are you?
Who are you? Where do you come from?
Are you listening to me?
What do you wanna do with your life?

(Verse 3: QuESt)
Uh, back against the wall with no options, but don't be appalled
Should have seen this shit from a far
Why'd I even much get involved? I got plans to become a star
Make a fortune and do it large
Twenty cars inside my garage (as soon as Dragon Ball Z goes off!)
Got a a fascination with procrastination, no takin' charge
Got to mention my love for hate, guess thats why I lurk on these blogs
And my homies keep callin' like 'you recording?'
I tell 'em 'nah', but don't trip I'll get you these verses
I promise my word is bond all these lies I be puttin' on
Every time it works like a charm(?)
Inspiration fell through the cracks, running backwards became the norm
Aspirations, responsibilities, caught between them
I'm torn!
Tug of war with both of my arms, strategize the cards that I've drawn
Unemployment checks on my card
Spending half of that on my mom
Should invest in a check correct it while working a stable job
Meta morph these visions to something for real
I promise no frontin' wake up
7 Months later and still ended up doing nothing
Nothing's automatic

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