Bow Wow - 24 Hours Lyrics

She say she got good pussy
I guess I won’t know until she give that to me
But in the meantime I really ain’t got time
I got 24 hours
Tonight your pussy getting devoured
Do it like me means we can fuck in the shower
And after that nut I’mma hit the blunt and take mine to sleep

Girl, this is your theme song
This is your theme song
I wanna fuck you with my chains on
All my chains on
On some thug shit, yeah, I know you love this
Beat the pussy up, I don’t even need a drumstick
..I fuck top notch bitches, I don’t really fuck thots
Come and have a seat and come sit on my face
I'mma let you know just how you taste
Say you wanna nasty nigga, girl, I'm a nasty nigga
And I’m just that, type a nigga that'll eat it from the back
This is from my girls up¬Ö
Can’t forget about stadium in DC
Them girls love me
Now that I’m in H town I’mma be live up in VIP
She say she really don’t pop molly
She wanna have fun and party
Well, you the perfect girl
Come and join my world
Fucked up, tryna get back with you
Tell him that it’s too late
You need change in your life
Last couple niggas ain’t treating you right
And I can change that
I’m the boss, baby,…
I know you tired of being lonely
What you need is a homie
Can’t nobody do it all by themselves
Everybody need some love up
Shorty, you should fuck with me
And if you ain’t known, I’m the man in my city
Let Bow hit it, you can leave your skirt on
Baby girl, I got 24 hours
24 hours
We can do it like me, means we can fuck in the shower

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