ONYX - We Get Live Lyrics

These evil streets you can die instantly
Catch your body and post to the Instagram
And the hood guns the war cuz battle like war
When niggas get shut let ‘em drown in concourse
Smoking that blues dreams, nightmares,
When I smoke demons in my head, better get nigga in the poke
These niggas twisted, twisted and switcher
Let’s get and twist the system, twins systems
I’m sinister had to see what that …will ball with sinner
Forgive me for my sins then I finish it
I sing niggas, thank God and be lied
User be like son of my..cuz my mind ain’t right
the time is right, the fucking do that crime tonight
hundred bag get the police to that crime to fight
Burning to hell, niggas burning to hell
Fucking a CO getting burning in the jail
Live, live, live we get live
Live, live, live we get live
Live, live, live we get live
My feet’s are cold already
From this castle I’ll never get high
Up on the ride my heart blacker then Rihanna’s eyes
Never apologize need to get upon my chest
I will be on funeral, burning up my favorite chets
On that sit switches on for more drugs and get ragging my degga
Full of stripes and it’s good to see ambitions
Will put a crown on my spirit til this bullshit
But it I’m pull it like I’m selling on
Yo I sell the ...this rappers got attention
I’m ashamed, it’s gonna be cops and competition
Then I’ll forget it, they want you lock the shit and breath there
So I ball the BC then my only participation
Not a grim we’re for living
We have all and we …
We don’t need a better recharge, I’ll catch a better recharge
You manner the hit manner the square
Cuz when I block with that dirty drops like animal woar
Live, live, live we get live
Live, live, live we get live
Live, live, live we get live
Every mom’ we can eat it if they blow you got kill
Is not really murder is release your spirit
If it ain’t eight ball sticky fingers gonna steal it
Or your shit come feeding and just walk out the building
It’s not what you look out
Is what you see, I’m like force gona take everything literally
And they notice this about me and I don’t know how
They told me truth from the start and do my job in disguise
This is real life drama is more than a rap
I’m not afraid to die just doing and beating when it happens
Never see you know how’s in the faze
Tricking, keep a secret and do it all day
I try to use that think between my ear
They rises home when nobody is
Say my name and I’ll be right there
Speaking to devil you ball to a bill

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