ONYX - All Over Lyrics

See halo streets are get to stop it and I lock it up
When I’m in the kitchen season and you can cake it and cook, look
And none of your bigger trash like is hard to stepping up
A guggu when a grown man there, signing to the shepar on
Arrest ‘em all for the hit and tell ‘em that I always serve the hood 24 hours
Feeding niggas I’m on debris, God be wet
Crime and get bust raps to get
Compete to a full corse near
Juice link it from the stake, acting like you ain’t know
When your niggas must be idiots
Ya all know my name is ready
When my nigga feel it, we flip more in this bitch
Then in your line, it’s kind of serious
The majority think in that building all they got is superiority
The way ya all set, I’m only said
I’m rapping and feed the hood
Like I’m a fast food change
No need to ever question what’s my hood homie
That the aliens are vegetarians, I feed you if you hungry
Take a halley, take a low on e
See those how burns, I sing
This all over sea, so will be inside
It’s all that burn, it’s all that burn
But you’re on the phone call
I’ll feed you if you hungry
I’m just starting with my friend Joe
BDS and sunset, two of three got straight here
So we all a team , so make you belly end it up
Doing a song, that’s the key
And JMJ say that ain’t sing the album without me
Official democracy, I’m close to truth
The truth you told, you ain’t even want me in the group
So I rip out with all the beast in night
And you waiting on my verse like I were the Jesus Christ
Take the hard way, take the low one
See those burns, I sing four hours
Leave all on the sea, so from inside out
And it’s all a burning
I ain’t burn now
Come tomorrow, be there for me,
I saw that, you saw me

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