Moka Only - Rhyme Is Wow Lyrics

Feat. Korry Deez

I'm on to winnin', downpayn' the condominium
Revivalism on some golden era tribalism
Shrinkin' yo heads, and then come back to when the title winnin'
Fine fiber, I'm from nickel with the nine iron
So stick to this chap raps then tickle thru yo spine wirin'
Durable mammals will stand up(?) and spend the time tirin'
Point to the start me up, party until I cardiac
Ground breakin', hollowless pleasures is never found wicked
Pussy waggon' pickin' up passengers and just thru yo town shakin'
Barely round to you you grounds fakin'
Funk with madiza get yo shit kicked in would be a sound statement
Cooler, simply armor rulers get ya madula in high
Now it's all blown, the sounds you kick is not strong
I'm potent wid it, hopin' that critics actually open wid it
Passionate quotes mash yo throats until you soakin' in it
After you folks laugh on the joke, but now you won't forget it
My shit is pompei, you ponks to what yo palms say
Joke division, poppin' the willy, gone wrong way
Instead of talkin', shut up and let the song play

(Verse: Korry Deez)
This should be farm day, you know my nom day
Flown, coren supreme, a-da-boom
A.k.a. call of the star, ark shalom
Peace to all the mellow goers diggin' the tune
I kick verse with the man from earth
Take words, sick them, you cursed, you're whack
Furthermore, not more further evolved(?)
I'm fffffine, with fuckin' with yo mind with the rhyme
Microphone down, I'm supplyin'
Shit, I can go and get the shine
Did I deserve, get outta here, you're a nerd
And it's revenge of the...
I been butter, smooth since I first been hit the grove
Way back, but I dare not date myself
Let's just say, before I put my aprons up
I guess the ?
I use use glim all my route(?)
I duse it, I'm about
It's the torch like a mission and the time is now
My beats are up, my rhymes is wow


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