Moka Only - It's Best Lyrics

I’m self about, I’m so…
Even though the old ones, new ones do that
Play them, go all night and raid them
Speak about the great M¬Ömaster of serene style
Girl, you too can come
Look at me like you want some
I’m blessed, yes, blessed with the drum
¬ÖI spread love worldwide, circumference
But he come listen to this here conference
Perhaps…perhaps there’s no master, just a trumpet
Spread bolo on trumpet, best of the year

I want that ass, girl
Let me see that ass, girl

All the time by the sign of¬Ö
Fresh out the line, I’m one of a kind
Cream supreme, let me occupy minds
¬Öeverything happening
International man, I’m mystery man
I send my love to Japan
Let me just ram, girl
I am world renowned by now
But now that you allowed to appreciate my style
You better play catch up and catch up, pow
I like French fires with ketchup, wow
But now¬Östanding up in the crowd
2014, the fuck are you now?
Every day I do new songs by the pound
Best fire up in here

I want that ass, girl
Let me see that ass, girl

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