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Giftz - You're Blind Lyrics

Anybody shut with his guns so what the bodies at
Anybody out, real niggas here so what challenge is here
Somebody lie, lot of change smash in the city out here
But there no body die, lot of drugs sold in the city now
I’ll be fronting around here and see a rapper with a line
I say I get dope I’m jenny …
Anybody selling bricks I just selling all bout now
On top of the game couch, still riding in the line
Talk the strap with a change, I’m here with this trap dog
I make more pipe cuz I’m with it still get it after moudge
Then after bitch cuz with me just on the loud
Lot of bitches just through pussy, I hit ‘em cuz I’s just long
Tell the bitch to fuck my brother, she with it, then she get done
I spin it just how I come
That’s faster motherfucker
You can count the bum, selling bags like a motherfucker
Jumming after slow program, make a couple zip
Disappear like it’s magic but it was stole like it’s show time
The rapper that you think it goes hard
I got my foot in their ass
Rappers you think is so hard we get all with their cash
Rapper took me so far and looking back to the past
The hottest flow what you got to do is popping
Drop like it …I’;m like vamo
I’m no inside and sing thos pops man
Hardly smoke breath out and so slappy
Those zipping on me like like water, broke and some tits we all carry, call it two chian
But ...Jesus hate all my neck
I got a joint that shut straight that’s attach to your neck
Getting old school that’s pretty nice here
Make you al news, I shut better then step over step

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