DRAKE - 0 To 100 Lyrics

FUck being on some chill shit
We got zero to a hundred nigga real quick
Maybe on that rapper bill shit
And I won t finish it, not even a little bit
Know yourself, know your work nigga
My ex its been louder then my words nigga
I ll be so and you ll be so sold on the Earth nigga
Niggas wanna do it, we can do it on our turn nigga
Ooh lord Im the rookie in the Vet
Shut up to the bitches I have alwase to my set
All up in my phone look at the pictures for the other night
She gona be upset if she gte scut to the left door
She goona see some shit that she don t wanna see
She ain tready for it, if I ain t the greates then I m hit it for it
Yeah that men on wait up
Yeah the six are unfriendly but this way I lay it
The shit on motherfuker lay up
I ll be on stuff greater withthe shut
Beeing cooking with the salt chef told me what s the poop
Three sixtes with the risk boy
Yeah how the fuck this niggas is boy ?
All the old boy we re really are the shit boy
Yeah rarely with the shit I should sound from here boy
Cuz I got all the hits boy
Fuck all that trake you gotta chill shit
I ll be on my little mouth dress shit
Fuck on that rapper paying bills shit
Yeah I m some rapper pay my bills hit
All up on MTV I thought it make me richer
Wans t paying me enough I need to set quiker
So now all on the nigga base ...and put it work it to the phone
See that on like trace the money, more to make some pick ups
Man it s 2008 I try to pay the peature
Come back season in the work so now I m thinking bigger
I got forty in the studio every night, late night
Gotta watch the shit don t wanna make em sicker
That s my nigga ooh Lord
Gotta a lot to show for
I ma nigga how really get it we can go for
Had to see a hundred bucs on the ceailing nigga
Don t make me kill one and then go for
I run the shit they like go for
Run force, go force, I mean you already go force
Damn nigga that s one more cold forst
Ooh Lord how else sign like this
They make me what I am, they just found me like this
Fuck that I ve been ready since my dad user to tell me
He will come in the house to get me
Ain t show, viable lesson man I d have to grow
That s way I never ask for help,
I do it for your niggas, I do it for myself
I go 0 to 100 real quick
Real quick old square on the real shit
0 to 100 nigga real quick
real quick, real fucking quick nigga
0 to 100 nigga real quick
real qick, old square on the real shit,
0 to 100 real qick real fucking qick nigga
Old square on the real shit,
Old square on the real shit,
Old square on the real shit,
The other night levishly told me that all these people listen to me
She said they love me unconditional
Imagine how I feel by watching all that niga out here
You know that if it wasn t you, you won t be dizzy
Ok for that persective I see hwat you think about
No it s all awfull cuz me I was try to find the way I lost it
But maybe I ain t lose em all
Maybe I keep movinf aford
But theya are stangning they ain t moving at all
They need a favor how do they call
Maybe I m searching for a problem
Asking how is sad and how was involve
Some peopme feed back and prove that they are wrong
They say that you could alwase fit no matter how foot is on
These days feel like I m squizing in em
How ever want before just wasn t thinking on
I m bout to leavign without em
Cuz if I run this games man the days are spliting
No penitentiar but it smelling the feed in the air
Had it when no body took it how needign me there?
They telling that they talking crazy but he doesn t care
Be a humble don t work as well is no beeing in the way
Listen up boy you better off release and drop it
We already got two hundred fifteen pop it
P and D drop it raps a P drop it
Imagine George just drop it not to mention your mean when you drop it
Feel like you pay the rap song, not to mention me droping
Feeling liek you pay the rap song
Man we fix the game
Me being well, being able before twenty games
Been on the move like relese it up
And I can t even rename only one person that s keeping up
Yeah how I was in the past time
Ask yourself how do we match right now
Cuz I m only 26 and I m only getting better
If I never pass you yet watch me pass you now
Couldn t be the way that I will get up
Couldn t be the way that I will get up
Couldn t be the way that I will get up
Couldn t be the way that I will get up
Couldn t be the way that I will get up
Couldn t be the way that I will get up

Thanks to Whoever wrote this the first time sucks for correcting these lyrics

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