Kirko Bangz - Fuck U Lyrics

Feat. Propain

Fuck U
Fuck U
Fuck U
Fuck U
Fuck U

Fuck u and the niggas that you came in here with
Probably always the two ass niggas always claimin' the bitch
As a kid I was a dwarf, I was bangin' a witch
Could have fucked with snow white, but my momma told me to spit
I got the game on charge, I'm a multieye grip
Stick me with a lame broad, I'mma trophie the bitch
So many checks up in my safe, I ain't opening shit
I'm spending money, from three years at the 06
I'm like

Fuck you
(We like)
Fuck you
(She like)
Fuck you
(He like)
Fuck you

Fuck these niggas, I can't trust these niggas
I don't love these bitches, man, these niggas feel like they gon' get me
Boy, I got a million reasons I'm gon' shit on niggas
Incognito lil' niggas, make you call yo momma, make you get up off the field, nigga
That's about the lil' nigga, who the fuck yo kiddin', nigga?
Fuckin' with a blazer on, cause bitches love a civil nigga
Wonder if I'mma get it nigga, all my girl's killas look like dealin' in the cold
I call it to the devil dribble nigga

Fuck you
(Hold up, shout to Kansas, nigga)
Fuck you
(My nigga, they thought they'd front wid me)
Fuck you
(Them niggas say)
Fuck you
(My money say)
Fuck you
(My car say)
Fuck you
(My crib say)
Fuck you
(My jeweles say)
Fuck you
(My heart say)
Fuck you
(Hold up, they like)

I got these niggas, boskoe
Fuck 'em, I don't taste and I don't cuff 'em
I just arrest them to the crib and then I be like Dj Mustard
Baggin' nuttin'
I remember boogie hoes, they wanna touch me
I don't hear the bitches grievin' at the door like they at Usher'
Deal 'em straight, diamonds straight like captain Noochies
Breaks is custom man, the name I feel my seat is speedin'
Dope like Captain Roofie
Work the budget, like it's done, put mertasene and Robert Tuckson
Fuck the thirties man's a cousin
Nick Dates is call me Cutsin, yo
Fuck you
Well, I'mma beat, I thought you knew that bu
Fuck you
You do the fool diddy bars and benz just like a cubical
Do 'em uses too
I refuse to lose, turn the blocks like a Rubik's Cube
Regulate them jobs like the coop done dues
I could use a cruise, get a pussy wet until I'm movin' thru
Then I'm movin' thru, sike got A-Wall
Bitch, don't quit yo day job
Niggas don't make it out my hood unless
They got that rock ware, pea skin or 8-ball
To these fuck niggas, I'm Ray Charles
I don't pay, just get payed out
Thrill nigga, I know it's Chriss
This a beach, no base gun
Hunid thousand on Ray cars
Fuck with me, you canked out
Hunid diamonds, that A flaw
Fuck these niggas, mane

Thanks to constantinv for correcting these lyrics

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