Kirko Bangz - Walk Thru Lyrics

I be feelin' like the man when I walk thru
Girl go, homey, show yo man what I taught you
I ain't neva cuff him given time I got you
But I lay 'em down if the nigga ever fought you
I be in yo crib sayn crib daddy bought you
I slidin' that bitch so much, I need house shoes
Two years ago when I got you, girl, I lost you
Time was money, look how much that shit done cost you
Used to wear dress, so a nigga use to doubt you
Now it's ? yo purse got the walk-through
Used to be a hoe, use some niggas use to call you
But all the niggas work, so they always talk about you
And notice you don't had them niggas
That can't do shit, but talk about they old bitches
Still got the same phone showin' people old pictures
I wish that I could own fuckin' bunch of my bitches
Me and mine don't even fuckin' go to lunch with my bitches
But my view so cold, I have a bunch of my bitches
Would a bunch of my bitches making lunch for my niggas
Yung A-Town nigga still country, my nigga
I'm the muthafuckin' man when I walk thru
Feels like I'm goin' to the Grammy's, got a lot of suits
I just look like a starling, just did a walk-through
Bitch done walk out like flicka done in talk shoe
Thinkin' my niggas so grown and mature
I'm a guinea batman, thinkin' that ain't immature
Fin' a bad ass bitch with a hell of an alure
I met her in the gym, gettin' ready for the tour
I get so much pussy, I forgot to do my chores
I get so much pussy, I ain't gotta do my chores
Stackin' my money, man I gotta do the fores
Gotta do GQ when I gotta do the source
I'm talkin' bout covers like blankets and remixes
I'm talkin' bout goin' to Spain with three bitches
Free my nigga Euli, I been hurtin' for my sister
I love my niece, I do anything for my niggas
I be feelin' like the man when I walk thru


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