Black Collar - Give It Up Lyrics

Throwin' rocks at a tank shit, tear gas skies
Dudes on a sea bend, burned the nigga eyes
They say the tears make a man strong, yes Lord
Smothered up the animals, we ready for the flare
Two creeps, two essays, two italians, two pledges
Two asians mobsters, two nazis on the arch well
Surviving the game like Ice-T did
In a movie where the rich dudes pay to hunt a nig
Blood on the play shit, for death bred
Doctor's dirty, mountin' bare mountain head
I put 'em on the wall like Banksie
See what happens when them gangster in the 80' have babies?
Niggas walk around like a dog with rabies
Gone off that water like they was in the navy
We just intelligent, just as much as crazy
The kid was crazy smart his craziest part

Yeah, er'body gotta give it up
Everything that you got, betta give it up
From the chain and the rings and the watch
You think it's a game but it's not
You betta give it up
Yeah, er'body gotta give it up
Everything that you got, betta give it up
Man, I'm talkin' everything that you own
Including your mad body and soul
You betta give it up!

Be the one who throw the bottle with the cloth leaf
Start the war, be on some warrior shit
Get on the bus like the turnbull as
We keep it hot up in this bitch, no AC
Give rappin' and send the hell into hand basket
When they receive it, something towel with a black casket
Holiday mayhem and Christmas carol killin'
This time we sing them song we sing them chopers with the children
Oh Lord forgive them cause I know what they do
I give to poor and the blood the matter of the poor war two
Them yanksters is turnt up, they shippin' 'em to school
Then they shoot theyself, it's the culture of the fools
Who made the rules, to think the channel's on the TV at
Before timed the cable net work to find the tree light
It ain't where you from it's where you at
And you on enemy lines, so prepare to get cut

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