The Sunshine Underground - Nightlife Lyrics

How will be how was a lot to me?
Coming over and over, running over and over
How will fall, walking once more,
Let it out, let it ot, let it out
You oh you, you oh you
Fallin into that place
You ooh you will you be on
Fallin into, mess around
All the …getting all to me
Can’t you realize? Can’t you realize?
Come to the that life
Waiting in, all I’ve waiting, well I’m down, well I’m down
Make no sound, why I love you now
Will you down? Will you down?
You ohh you, where you are?
All into …
All the …yeah up to me, come into the night
Come into the night
I just can’t believe at somebody
Falling into night, falling into night
A discovery of somebody fallin to the night, falling to the night, to the night

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