Young&Sick - Gloom Lyrics

You say you got trouble breathing
And everything turned to gray
You say you got trouble believing
That love is here to stay
You got gloom,gloom,goom,gloom

I know you got trouble sleeping
I know you’re trapped in the spell
I know you got trouble believing
But love ain’t here today
You got gloom,gloom,goom,gloom

I understand that is the reason
You dream about black
I know it ain’t much to believe
But I really do think you’re in

All the rhythm is savage
You put it
Close your eyes and see the fire
Let it eat your skin

Oh,baby I know it ain’t easy
I know is arguably
The heart starts with giving
But if you give it now
Now it’s too soon

You tell me it’s what keeps you going
Enslaved to the doom
What else it makes it hard?
I guess you need to

As a wish to get you in trouble
I want to show you the whole world
As you hide out under the covers
You got gloom,gloom
You got,you got gloom,gloom,gloom,gloom


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