Bow Wow - Aim To Kill Lyrics

AinÂ’t been a nigga to do it like me yet (nah)
I was touring with Snoop while you was on recess (That's true)
This shit too easy for real
DonÂ’t do subliminals when I shoot I aim to kill,
Boy I'm the truth
Young legend in your presence, you should bow to me (Bow nigga)
Stunt on niggaz who was looking down at me
I got some niggas from Compton on call
Beef with the dogg, click-clack and they down for the call
Boy I got the finest baby momma, I can't wait to get home (What up Chuck)
She know it's all night fucking when I come off the road (Ooh Wee)
I pay my own shit, you getting fucked by your accountant
Can't count your own money, don't know what the total amount is
Get your mind off these hoes and keep your head on your books
Before itÂ’s too late to realize how much they took
Boy I'm a cold ass nigga,
I smoke raws, no swishers
Flexing so hard I make the FEDS wanna get us
I'm here nigga

What do they talk about!?
Oh they talkin' bout me!?
Nigga It's prime time tv
Okay (I'm nice)

Is his album coming out!?
Did Birdman shove him!? Is he still on Cash Money!?
Is he still dropping records!? I'm the Bo Jackson of this shit
And don't you forget
I make 200,000 thou a month off 106
I got a right to lazy, I got a right to be cocky
20 years of this bidness and niggas still can't stop me
I'm that muthafuckin' dude when it balls down to it
A lot of youngin's in the game, but they can't do it like I do it
My daughter stunting, pull up in daycare in a rate (scurr)
Give her a hug, then give her a kiss on the face (I love you Shai)
Tell her be good, mind yuh business stay out of trouble
Now go make daddy proud
Oom-mow I love you
Put your glass in the air
We gonna toast in this bitch
And don't waste my alcohol, I spent a grip for this shit
It don't mean nothing if yuh homies ain't stunting with cha (true)
They suppose to be eating to if them yo niggas
Word up!

A lesson learn for you bum ass niggas
I'm on tv everyday, don't ask me when I'm dropping an album...
I don't got to nigga
I rap because I want to; it's a difference
You feel me!?

Thanks to KingZay94 for correcting these lyrics

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