For The Fallen Dreams - Bombay Lyrics

Why you tell me that you want for life
I thought I love you, back way to find back way
So they want for you
I love your fells, what stops you? I feel your pain
I’m on here wrapping and pertain
Thirty years of frogeye boy
Ain’t time for free, that makes you lose your mind
Think of all, we just here
These boys don’t regret
Having trade without you
Fallow by try, over rapping, what this monster means
I deep it in choice, this one rap your
For the fallen dreams,
For the fallen dreams,
For the fallen dreams,
if I could tell that
… I thought I love you
We wait to fallow, so they want to
I love your clouds, boys stop telling me
Untrusting lights,
They grow and raise our souls

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