Cam'Ron - Devil Lyrics

Feat. JuJu

(Hook x5)
She the devil on the dick

She got on her knees, started givin' head shots
She had my dick jumpin', so she put it in a head lock
I call her Wilma, cause she make the bed rock
She sucked it and jerked it perfect, I bust in her dreadlocks
We went to a (???), I almost fall out
She said "you almost that nigga, look, look,
Yo movie in the red box"
She got the thing, we watched the shit,
Enjoyed the shit, she looked at me and she said flee
One word to the shot, fasten these sheets!
The ghetto what you need, high speed, nigga passin' me?!
I say, yeah, but being so is an application
We got in the car then flew, went down (???)
Get ova seatbelt, ova my pants
Pulled it out, ova the who&*(()) woooo

(Hook x8)
I'm the devil on the dick

We in there, start callin' her names, it's all a game
We all ashamed, we all fake raps, it's all in the game
Till I vert it on, on the shame gig, she lame, them she say
Damn, you grown men are all the same
She titanium, baby cream, nimble on the dick, feel the thingy
Had to hang it, it's hard to breathe, she choke, then spit, then goggle me
That act for hair money, said here, honey
Here's yo shampoo, wash yo weaf
By the way, that's sold by juju
Love (???) the whole delilu
On that Chico, I play Rico, but I'm all that Lulu
I'm the connect, the lipe-Felipe, but I don't get money, though
Open my elbow down on the curve, deals get flip flip whip like a boobie
Like who, like Mickie D
That said it all, cause you gonna be making like Ynyard
Gonna get that special sauce

(Hook x8)
I'm the devil on the dick

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