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George Yung - Fuk You Who's Next Lyrics

Nowadays I give a fuck less or fuck how you feelin'
My cuff full of my dutch stuff, my niggas in the buildin'
Only one shot and it's 45, but I'm bout to make me a killin'
My flow game is so off the chain, this was written on the ceilin'
With propane I throw flames, I'm untamed and unwilling
My whole name says cocaine, we blowin' J when we chillin'
I'm OJ and I'm killin', like MJ, I'm a thriller
But I'm bout that, without that like Romeo and P. Miller
It's Gatzilla, that bad nigga, my dudes goin' gorillaz
You fuck niggaz is finish, my cup needs to replenish
You "Loc Dog", and I'm "Oh, Lord", did you ever sentence that sentence?
You not live, but I'm top five, I go topside with my gremlins
You pop guys, but we pop flies and we stop by with them chickens
She my momma, and she stop by, and I'm alright with her dentist
On my side they shot guys for pas breading that spinach
It's drive-bys and homicides, somebody find a lieutenant
I'm on till and I'm on top, somebody pass me a Guiness
I'm on break when that board drop, when Kim cashin' them chemies
It's all great when that soul pass, but no, dawg, it ain't finished
Gotta get work and don't get merced while you out penching them pennies
My Dutch Burbon and I'm on turf, somebody fastin' some money
We blow weed like we grow weed, so fuck freedon on Kemberly
These OGs have no cheez, I sell trees in a benzy
This four feet with no sleeves, I'm out here, come get me!
Listen, four fees, and no biz, there's OCs in my city
Stay low, keif, for this slow week, was Hennessey in my kidneys
I sold rice, and I told Key, if you pop three then come wit me
I blowed Gs that on codeine, that told me that I'm sickne
T-Jones, bitch, my whole fleet is tops off to see titties
So if she down for this granted pass she can roll around wit my midget
Said the O-head had no hair, she was on the top of my gizzie
Told her grind hard, but don't wind hard, shawty dropped down and it sizzles

(Hook x2)
Harsh realities, niggas poppin' shit and they run, they want battle me
All I know is casualties, so all that tough talk in yo balls, it doesn't flatter me

Going to sleep to cop sirens and waking to gunshots
Remember stealin' from lunch line, put food in my lunch box
Neva was a school scholar, no good with my jump shoppa
Was the first to drop out, hit the curve and pump partner
Don Dana, illest nigga with this written shit, cause my compositions,
Though, it's cause I'm really living it
Everyday we militant, lyricism compared to Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger,
Because I'm killin' shit
You must be pair politian if you ain't feelin' this
My writtin's indescribable, all they written is giberish
Trats poppin' like strings on guitar, that don't be fiddled with
If you harder, you intermediate, then you illiterate
There's deisty on my arm, yo bad bitch in my palm
That .40 cal in my lap, don't like to trap a nigga, you gone
That sour smoke's so strong, straight Ls, nigga, no bong
Made a promise to Caution, told them niggas gonna be on
So I'm all in like a poker game, niggas hate, but they know the name
Come out deposit like Franko, so if you in need of that Novocaine
Pot broke cause my flow in flame, rep Joe and Jeekers, cause we go insane
Me and George Yung, leave disbelievers with open veins
You don't really wanna play that, with them big wolves that stalk in that Maybach
Talk to the old payback, stay strap in the pack so I know you won't say jack
Spray gas on yo face flat, stand ova yo body, limb shot, I don't take that
And whereva you lay at, trust me, nigga, we be reppin' like A-Sat
So free Steel and free Tab too
Creemy nigga, 'fo I die you gon' eat lead too
Neutral nigga, I don't see red-blue,
Cause it's no discrimination with pistols blazin' and weak dead Jew
Died, scrap 'em, I tried to save 'em but he bled thru
Yo moms, yo pop and yo wife, nigga, she dead too
SDMG and G, LOUISet true, from the square way out to Australia, we set too
Respect due, dummy!

(Hook x2)
Harsh realities, niggas poppin' shit and they run, they want battle me
All I know is casualties, so all that tough talk in yo balls, it doesn't flatter me

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