XV - Round Me Lyrics

Yeah, everything around me
Chicka, everything around me

I got out and feel like I'm not human
Rocking not human, Nas tryna watch through 'em
All this confusion, I found no conclusion
How love make unions, but paper can bring ruins
I feel more alive as a ghost, I hear the lies as they toast
Parasites as a host, got a broad from the coast
Taking flights to my shows
Hilll clickin', still strippin'
I ain't slipping cause that ass I be still grippin'
Small talk in the car, is this bitch trippin'?!
This a rental, you a rental, what's the big difference?
A new set of illusions that can hide the real
Them pills make you delusional behind the wheel
Post some pictures that she try to reveal
Bet you more beautiful behind everything you try to conceal
The dolla bill

(Hook x2)
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Backpacks rain that's "all this green around me"
Bad bitches, good weed, full screens, around me
All my team around me, dolla, dolla bill, y'all

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