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XV - It Can Go Down Lyrics

This is straight fuckin' violence music
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
I just gotta get fuckin' wild

[Verse 1]
Don't try me cause I might pop
Rollin' thru my city wit that motherfukin' cock
Started from the bottom, now I'm on top
So it's no surprise my demise is on your knot
Park the Jaguar, so I don't get spotted
Cause I know the biddies in my city love to gossip
Try to talk to mama but she quotes the pastor
When you move 'cane like apples
You can't relate to those chapters
So I guess it doesn't matter when it's coming down
Buzzers in the air, vultures circle 'round
They don't even care, they there to see you drown
They there to see you fall, they smile when you frown
So I guess I'm coming down like "nigga, don't try me"
Street hoes like Lindsay Lohan, don't high-five me!
Zimmerman wanna box, I just do it like Nike
And a Nike hoodie with a box right beside me
Come find me, stay up! Cause it can go down

Tell them stay up cause it can go down (7x)

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